Dividing Roleplays by Seasons

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Dividing Roleplays by Seasons

Post by The Haze on Tue Nov 15, 2016 5:38 am

This isn't exactly an RP suggestion like you would typically see, this is more of a concept that I feel could be put to use with enough effort. The idea goes a little something like this, we handle RPs in the fashion the typical television should would, dividing it up into seasons and possibly adding in things like an overarching plot point to what would otherwise be a completely unrelated set of RPs. After each RP we could slap the "episode name" and a summary for each "episode" onto it once completed, to sort of give the idea that this is a "real" television show or something of a similar nature.

It would involve things like coming up with the episode count, major plot points and episode names or ideas ahead of time and trying to find a logical way to go from one RP to another without just being entirely disjointed. It could be entirely episodic, or there could be a story deep beneath the mostly unrelated roleplay.. hell, it could be all plot. It really just depends on what everyone else here would want out of it.

To start us off, just come in here and suggest whichever episode names or ideas spring to mind. Just as a sort of test bed for the idea.

Season 1

Summary: Some poor decision, likely on Xenon's part ends up driving a large portion of the metahuman population from Neon City. Soon after a large, slow moving threat arises and begins to menace the general populace of the city, civilians assume their heroes will just swoop in and save the day just like they have been doing for years now.
But it never happens.
Responsibility for the current situation is soon thrust upon one of their remaining heroes, that responsibility; Find and recruit as many of Neon's old heroes from across the country as he can.

Episode List:

  1. The Rise and Fall of Neon City Pt. 1
  2. The Rise and Fall of Neon City Pt. 2
  3. No More Heroes
  4. A Meta-Tastic Clip Show!
  5. Let's Go on a Road Trip!
  6. Old Faces, New Places
  7. Back Together
  8. A New Neon City
  9. Attack of the Giant ???
  10. Light up the Night

Season 2
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