Meridian's Überlegene Bruderschaft der Macht

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Meridian's Überlegene Bruderschaft der Macht

Post by Meridian on Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:06 am

Verzeichnis der Stärke
(Directory of Strength)

This is where the MIGHTIEST and PROUDEST of all heroes in Neon City can be found. The High Lord Orii has crafted each with only perfection and prowess in mind, and you are indeed HONORED to be seeing them. Try to keep yourself from openly gawking at them, for they are above you. Do not take this kindness lightly!

HELDEN (Heroes)


SCHURKEN (Villains)

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Meridian Dossier

Post by Meridian on Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:10 am

Meridian AKA Alexander Brinkerhoff
Age: 76
Species: Psychic-Human.
Gender: Male.
D.O.B.: December 28th, 1939.
Affiliation: Chimera Chief-Commander, Xenon Operative, Ex-Mercenary, Ex-Western Intelligence Agent
Nationality: German.
Height: 8+ ft.
Weight: 300-400 lbs.
Place of Birth: Königsberg, Germany. (Kaliningrad, Russia)
Education: PhD in Mathematics, Formal and Informal Training by the US Armed Forces and Intelligence.




  • From birth, he has been blessed with a mind that is capable of enacting upon the world around it directly. The main application he has learned is direct telekinesis, but he is capable of detecting disturbances in relation to other living creatures and guarding himself against mental attack if need be.
  • Consistent and extreme use taxes upon the mind.
  • If mental state is overworked or compromised by any means, he is unable to use these abilities and made physically uncoordinated for a deal of time.


  • Using his astute understanding of mathematics and spacing combined with natural telekinetic powers, he is able to change the position of an object he can perceive provided there are no barriers.
  • Reaction time is such that bullets may be redirected not long after being fired in close vicinity.
  • Range and strength both increase mental strain at higher amounts, but theoretically limitless.


  • Genetically, he is a superhuman in both size and strength. His bones are harder to break and his musculature and skin are more durable than the average human's. Not to mention he is massive.
  • The entirety of his right arm and a good percentage of the rest of his body are made up of cells harvested from Eridana. Hybrid genes have enhanced his physical condition further. The right arm is incapable of shape-shifting, but can fully regenerate on its own whereas the rest of the body heals at a natural pace.
  • From a wild mutation of the arm, it generates heat enough that it can generate fire sparks and draw energy from flames to boost physical attributes.
  • The right eye and several joints within the body have been replaced with augmented material. Reinforcement allows for the taking of intense pressure while the right eye is able to ID based on facial recognition software tied into the Xenon database of dangerous meta-humans. There is also a single-shot, long charging optic ray in there.
  • High levels of radiation or electricity compromise alien cells and cause a temporary structural collapse in areas of high concentration. The cells may also be compromised by the original creator of the arm if within several feet.
  • EMP and other technology-jamming devices can deactivate the augmented optics.
  • Being heavily augmented and extremely large, as well as infused with foreign genetics, requires a great deal of energy intake so meal portions have to be twice or more times larger than normal human consumption.

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