Eri's Mothership

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Eri's Mothership

Post by Eri on Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:16 am


Welcome to the Pods. Feel free to browse the collection of beings I've designed. I try not to shoot for quality or for quantity, but instead for a feeling of that special touch.


Paragons. Defenders. Shining beacons of hope.


All for one and one for none.


Villains and baddies, a writhing pit of scum!
The Twins
The Good Doctor


Civilians and observers.
Brimstone Benny

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Re: Eri's Mothership

Post by Eri on Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:07 pm

Eridana AKA Cassandra Hunter
Age: 30.
Species: Alien-Human Hybrid.
Gender: Female.
D.O.B.: January 7th, 1984.
Affiliation: Freelance Contractor, Ex-Xenon Operative, Ex-Chimera.
Nationality: British-American.
Height: Averaged at 7' (Variable).
Weight: Averaged at 300lbs (Variable).
Place of Birth: Cambridge, MA.
Education: PhD in Molecular Biology/Genetics.




  • Able to manipulate and weaponise her body and its constituent elements in virtually any way she can think of.
  • Limited by her ability to generate or absorb organic matter. Cannot store too much lest she become too heavy.


  • Able to regenerate lost or excess genetic matter over time.
  • Small wounds, eg. stab or small arms fire, take a few seconds to close on their own.
  • Larger wounds, eg. lacerations or pothole wounds close within a few minutes to half an hour.
  • Dismemberment she is unprepared for can take hours to repair.
  • Decapitation or damage to spinal cord takes a few days.
  • Ability inhibited by fire, which can quickly reduce her to an extremely weakened state. Days to weeks to recover from sufficient burning.


  • Only as durable as bone, carapace and sinew allow, relies on regeneration and not getting hit.
  • Extremely vulnerable to fire, as it inhibits her healing.
  • Vulnerable to electricity as it can burn as well as interfere with her on a cellular level.
  • Radiation has strange effects, given her metabolism. Varying from non-conscious growth to complete stopping of growth.


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Re: Eri's Mothership

Post by Eri on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:17 am

Vessel AKA Jacqueline Durant.
Age: 24.
Species: Human.
Gender: Female.
D.O.B.: 8th May, 1990.
Affiliation: The Round Table, Durant Chapel.
Nationality: French-English.
Height: 5'5".
Weight: 130lbs.
Place of Birth: The Middle of Nowhere, Rural Americas.
Education: The Bible and related scriptures. Agricultural and Homemaker skills.

  • Ulrich Durant (Father)
  • Adelaide Durant (Mother, Deceased)
  • Aldric Durant (Grandfather)

~Truth Stages~ 
STAGE 1 - Soothing Truth - Faith Fragment:

Entering this first stage will change Jacqueline's appearance slightly. A small mote of holy light like a tongue of white fire will hover at the center of her forehead. The light is weak like a small flame, and a strong wind will cause it to flicker out. This first stage marks her access to her ability of Holy Touch. Her speed is enhanced slightly to fast human levels.
STAGE 2 - Enduring Truth - Hymn Mosaic:

Jacqueline's skin will begin to grey, and her hair will begin to turn white as if aging. Her durability is enhanced to stab vest levels as a tabard of tattered cloth materializes on her body, reminiscent of the Knights Templar of old. Her body glows faintly in the dark.
STAGE 3 - Great Truth - Fact Manifest:

This is where things get interesting. The flame at Jacqueline's forehead raises to become a crown of white fire, blazing with a single blue eye at its front. Her skin loses all color and becomes a uniform grey. Her now white hair grows down to the small of her back and she gains arm and leg armor. Her fingernails, toenails and teeth all become reflective silver, like steel.
STAGE 4 - Prime Truth - Revelation Overdrive:

The end of the proverbial line. Jacqueline becomes fully-armored as a suit of what seems to be a mixture of organic angel flesh and heavenly steel manifests to cover her completely. A nose and cheek-guarded helmet is placed on her head, dangling with a veil of chainmail. A single horn extends from it like a unicorn. Her white hair seems to retain no weight, and flows as it wishes. Her hands (and gauntlets) now bear stigmata clean through, and her chest (and chestplate) below breast-level and at chest-center bears the same clean cavity. Her lower half is garbed in a skirt of ravaged fabric and steel spines. From the back of her angel flesh suit of armor sprouts a cloak of tattered strips, much like the tendrils of something from beyond. When she speaks, her voice resonates with itself, and low chanting in dead tongues can be heard coming from her armor.

Finally, a slender straight blade constructed of holy light can be pulled from her chest, should the need for offense arise. This is the first and only directly offensive manifestation of Emetiel's power, and as such is only fully usable in this form.
~Holy Touch~

  • Able to heal wounds and sickness with varying success.
  • Small cuts, burns and scrapes can be sealed or mended, but not reverted. (Soothing)
  • Bleeding can be halted and worse wounds closed. Smaller wounds become easier and quicker. (Enduring)
  • Larger wounds can be closed, and even reverted given enough time. (Great)
  • Near fatal wounds can be alleviated, or critical condition stabilized. (Prime)


  • Able to remove impurities from various substances.
  • Dirty water/food can be made clean through touch and concentration. The mass of water/food directly affects the time taken to clean it. (Soothing)
  • Corrupted objects or beings can be cleaned, but this can take days or weeks of treatment. (Enduring)
  • Wounds from sources of corruption or evil can be cleansed, depending on the severity, time taken will vary. (Great)
  • Areas can be cleansed of evil or sin, but this can take multiple visitations. (Prime)


  • Able to bestow a blessing upon an entity or object once a week. Power of blessing is determined by the stage it was cast in.
  • May only have a certain amount of blessings going at once. (Soothing - 2, Prime - 5)
  • Once the week is over, the blessing fades (Soothing, Enduring, Great) or weakens after the week is up, but persists for another 3-4 days. (Prime)
  • Effects can differ depending on what is being blessed. All effects seems to center around the concept of truth.
  • Weapons strike truer or strike harder against the evil or unjust. People gain resistance to illusion and deception, or find it harder to tell lies. Areas become more welcoming and instill a feeling of safety. The possibilities go on.
  • But blessings can have negative effects. Armor will show its weak-points. Weapons become hot in the hands of evil or liars. Areas will feel foreboding and malicious to those not welcome.

Exorcism (Great Level only):

  • Ability to drive additional presences or beings from a host.
  • Time taken is proportional to the power and vigor of the possessing entity, as well as the Truth Stage that Vessel is in.
  • Very high chance to backlash Vessel or even open her to possession. Chance INCREASES with stage.

~Elucidation & Illumination~

  • This is the great instrument of truth. Emetiel's blade of holy might. Able to be fully manifested when in Prime mode.
  • The blade cuts as if a regular sword to most beings, burning and cauterizing as it slices.
  • When it is drawn in the presence of liars, deceivers, evildoers or hellspawn, the blade cuts deeper with each swing, and leaves a flaming trail in the air when swung.
  • When manifested outside of Prime Truth, the blade simply appears as a straight silver sword, dissipates when power wanes. A few minutes must be allowed between manifestations.


  • Holy fire. Emetiel can propel white purifying flame from the stigmata in her palms.
  • The flame can also be simply shaped. Mostly hooks and chains.
  • The sinless or relatively good are unharmed by the flame.
  • The truthless are burned as if by normal flame.
  • Hellspawn burn much worse, and much brighter as the flame clings to them.
  • Illumination can only be achieved by Prime Truth Emetiel. Lower Truth Staged Jacqueline's touch may burn some, however. It is little more than a hotplate or red-hot metal can produce.


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Re: Eri's Mothership

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