Rules of Easy Living

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Rules of Easy Living

Post by Eri on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:43 am

Due to the fast paced nature of more casual RP, only few rules are necessary.

1. No killing or violence without express exchange of permission.

This is self-explanatory. Fights are fun and injuries can be interesting but unless there's a verbal shaking of hands, whether in PMs or in OOC, killshots will get you get killed.

2. No explicit materials or contents. If it makes everyone else ask "Why?", we might have to have words.

Sure, cuss and fight and perform blood magic all you want. Seriously go for it, its all in the interest of good story. Hell, flash a tit if you want and its in-character. Just make sure that if there is an explicit thing going down, that there is a reason for it and if it can be taken somewhere more private, do so. If it can't, well... just don't!

3. Keep single sessions to one thread.

The Bar could be filled, empty out for the night and then refill once again all in the span of 3 posts. I won't police this unless it gets out of control but I know everyone is capable of reasoning this out. Separate locations warrant new threads, frequent locations can at least have threads prolonged. Maybe you could make another bar thread after a few days of using the first one, that'd be fine. Just be sensible about it.

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